THREEPIO, tied to a girder, watches anxiously as the carbonite
block containing PADME is raised out of the machine by two
IMPERIAL SOLDIERS, WILKINS and DINN, who for some reason
aren't clones.

Well rust my bolts!
How dreadful!

VADER enters in his floating wheelchair without wheels.
He notices the PADME SLAB.

Yes... Very good. Now
she will be my silent,
beautiful bride for all
eternity! Were there
any complications?

No, but... just before
we froze her, she said
the name... "Anakin."

Don't ever call me that!
Sargeant Wilkins, fetch me
my lightsaber!

Yes, sir.

WILKINS exits and returns with the lightsaber. VADER uses the
Force to wedge the handle between his knees and turn it on,
then drives his wheelchair forward, piercing WILKINS with the
blade. He falls over dead, the saber still protruding from his chest.

Now, I will need a cybernetic
spinal column because mine
burned up in the lava. Wilkins,
fetch me that droid!

He gestures with his eyes toward THREEPIO.

Uh, he can't, sir. Wilkins
is dead.

Don't you tell me what Wilkins
can and can't do! Fetch me my

DINN retrieves the lightsaber from WILKINS' corpse and wedges it
between VADER's knees again. VADER drives forward into DINN,
killing him.

Let that be a lesson to you,
Wilkins. Don't question my
orders. Now untie that droid.
We have work to do.
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