Diagonal wash to the bridge of a Federation cruiser. Obi-Wan strides back
and forth impatiently.

OBI-WAN: Pilot! How long until we reach Tatooine!

PILOT: Pretty soon, sir!

OBI-WAN (muttering to himself Not soon enough.
(thumbs comlink) Engineering! Can't we go any faster?

ENGINEER (in Chinese accent): This ahs fahst ahs
we cahn goh, mahstah!

Padme enters.

OBI-WAN: Padme!

PADME: Obi-Wan. I found someone who can help us
reach Tatooine ahead of Anakin!

Sergeant Ackbar enters, clad in the simple gray cloak of the Mon Clameri

SERGEANT ACKBAR (gruffly): General Kenobi.
We have found a way to reroute power to the auxillary
thrusters to increase propulsion by 40%!


OBI-WAN: Well done, Sergeant!

SERGEANT ACKBAR(gruffly): With our new power
dispersal we should reach the target in a few hours!

PADME: You have stuff hanging off your chin.

SERGEANT ACKBAR (gruffly): This is like a beard.

OBI-WAN (amused): But the Mon Clamari are a hairless race!

JAR JAR BINKS: Meesa ne wanga gotta beard, and
muy muy peoples gon' be wantin' one twosie! (trips, falls)

SERGEANT ACKBAR: (coughs gruffly)

OBI-WAN: You serve the Alliance well... Commander!

PADME: That shit's gross.
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