Working in one of those offices where the cube farm takes up the entire floor.

satanic splash-back

holding a lot of important paperwork in a narrow hallway


guarding a factory that seemingly only manufactures sparks


An active restaurant kitchen with a bunch of hanging pots and pans.


Engineer who adds a big glowing red button that "shuts down the reactor," perhaps with an air vent directly over it


A meeting in which you are inducted into some sort of Suicide Squad


putting the finishing touches on a house of cards and you've just relaxed after they've already almost fallen down once

Cowboy Pope

The best person and place to be is a bum in an alley, that way after the main guy jumps a jetski out of an apartment building through a helicopter and into the bank vault where the bad guys are, you can look shocked at your bottle of whiskey, rub your eyes, and then throw it over your shoulder comically


in front of a bullet that is moving towards you quickly

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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