From charting page-view statistics and Facebook likes, I've learned that you, our beautiful readers, enjoy it when the SA Forum Goons draw random things on request. However, you aren't as enthusiastic when we devote a Goldmine to forums dudes doing forums-dude shit. So, yeah, technically these images came from the "draw my forums avatar" thread, but just think of them as "illustrate my abstract concept or weird phrase." You don't need to care about the forums to appreciate MS Paint manifestations of "Catpants McStabby" and "Mexican Deathgasm"!

DollyPancake does sweet justice to "Mexican Deathgasm," much like Gruffudd did sweet justice to Wilberforce.

Elftor rains sugar from the skies with his co-pilot "Agent Kool-Aid."

dmt.s recently spotted "Tunahead," and as such he's obligated to contact as soon as possible.

Borden animated "poptart_fairy" in a way that suggests he subconsciously transposed some of the letters.

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