When you think about it, paper isn't really all that exciting. You can write on it, you can draw on it and you can make a funny little hat. After that, you're out of options. But what if there was a way to make a blank sheet of A4 come to life? Well guess what chuckles, the clinically insane forum goons tried to do just that. Disturbingly, one user by the name of Donkey Ears posed with a blank piece of paper hiding the bottom half of his face. Could our reliable goons make things interesting?

Here is the original image which started it all, courtesy of Donkey Ears. I can't really explain why he has one and a half index fingers on his right hand though.

It wasn't long before the image manipulation began, and here's an effort from that lovable scamp jebeebus.

Coach, throw me a jersey, I'm ready to join the gay-team!

Taking some time off from rapping, gambling, recording, YouTubing and vlogging, Fragmaster decided to do a little Photoshopping.

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