In an astronomy class I took a girl asked the professor about whether it was ethical to leave our probes on the Martian surface. I guess she was concerned that the native Martians would resent our despoiling of their planet's great natural beauty.


"Did dragons ever really exist?". In high school art 2 out of FUCKING NOWHERE.


I had this roommate my sophomore year who was writing an essay once, and asked me if she had to capitalize the characters' names every time she used them.


In a sociology class in my community college we were discussing populations. The professor asked the entire class, which was grouped, what they perceived the population of the US to be. 3/4 answered over 2 billion people.

The Stupid Hat

During research paper presentation day:

"Nobody knows how or why Al Capone was born."


There was this one guy in my Freshman Astronomy class who asked the teacher if planets were all dead suns.

I don't mean that they were formed from leftover dust from the star's creation, but that they were literally dead, cooled down, suns.

I really have to hand it to that professor for his patience with that guy.


Some girl in my Level 1 History class (I'm in New Zealand, so do NCEA, hence the Level 1) somehow started asking about what a Phoenix was. After explaining how it was a bird made of fire that could come back to life, she just stared at the teacher and asked, "So, is it real?".

I just couldn't believe that I'd heard that.

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