There's no escaping from the power of metal. From the success of hit movie Iron Man to the lead in my town's drinking water which contributed towards my cancer, I simply can't seem to get away from the stuff! But now I've decided to stop running and embrace the wonderful element, and it's all thanks to one budding artist. An individual who wishes to be known as jovial_cynic recently gave our forum goons the chance to suggest ideas to be made into pieces of art through the medium of metal. Check out the following Youtubery to see how it's done. Here are just a few of the requests fulfilled by the iron chancellor himself, jovial_cynic!

We start things off with a model facing a common day problem we all experience every day; being attacked by a savage gang of babies. The victor will be revealed at the end of this article.

40lbs of metal were used to create the chin of this metallic Ash.

Check out this cool new game from American Gladiators called Atlas.

I guess when this basketball figure was being weld, he was quite literally "on fire".

Here's Batman. Shitting.

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