Anyways, here's the aftermath of the hat. It was barely stable enough to put on the plate for the picture. I added a big thing of grapes to make up for the bunch lost in the parking lot early on.






While I don't care for pineapple and grapes, I just diced it all up into manageable small bits and ate them up after I got back. However, this was really easy and not nearly as gross as I thought it was going to be, especially since I hadn't eaten all day. So I decided to do the next best thing with what was left - blend it.

The leavings (sans pits & an orange peel i threw away early) & remainder of fruit I have to eat for breakfast tomorrow:

To conclude: Don't ask GBS to do your homework, don't engage in sexual intercourse with an Erlenmeyer Flask (it won't work), don't open your stupid mouth, and most importantly don't eat a goddamn hat. Thanks for playing!

– Chris "Petey" Peterson

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