Unfortunately, I couldn't stay in fantasy land forever. After all, there were animes to get in order.

At first, my photographer and I were worried on how to approach people for photographs. Wasn't a problem - apparently I was cosplaying as a Fruits Basket.

Love? War? Justice? What appears to be an anime pogo stick? All were in abundance in this symposium of today's greatest thinkers & doers.

Words fail to express how uncomfortable I was at Fanime. This picture however, does.

I've been snacking on it since about 4:30pm, and have it down to two bananas, a bit of pineapple and the grapes (I don't like grapes). There wasn't a really funny way to show eating a hat made of fruit, but I did document it and I've nearly eaten the entire fucking thing and want to die of fruit poisoning.

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