Edge of Reality posted:

Take off your clothes, and get in?

After shedding the outer layer, I have discovered a strange growth on my lower torso. What is your analysis?

Funky HotDog posted:

It's trying to attack! Attempt to fight it!

Attempt to fight growth has only made it stronger. However, it does not appear to be hostile towards me. It appears to be solid enough to use to club an attacker.

Growth noted as human weapon.

Baby Hobo posted:

The water is trying to kill you! Fight it!

Fighting is futile. Water is unresponsive to my attacks as well. Body odor disappearing.

Full Metal Jackass posted:

Leave water dispensing unit and clothe yourself with the fabric draping in front of it

Battle Bovine posted:

It looks like the other human you scared away left some pills on that shelf. You must consume them all. They will make you stronger

I have reclothed myself with fabric draping and consumed an entire container of small objects behind former human. Container labeled "Pep Pills".


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