haiku prepares for the massive OMG ZERG RUSH invasion revealed from satellite imagery. Build more Moonwells, you simp! Oh wait, wrong game.

kommi has more satellite imagery displaying Iraq's deadly offensive capabilities and Tesla Coils.

Lagrange got ahold of the Iraqi communications transcript and was able to easily piece the puzzle together. What a fly ride, S-Man!

MagnumHB displays Iraq's defiance in the face of justice.

NickLess got tired of serving up the cold war, so he moved to something more lethal.

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    The Fracking Fables of Groggery Gibbonman

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    Your Dog is Totally Worth Refrigerated Food

    Spending $10-15 a day on perishable organic dog food is not a sign of a decadent culture in terminal decline, it's actually real good and worth it.

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