The Video Game Name Generator can churn out titles until the apocalypse, at which point people will surely embrace the mirthful unpredictability of random wordplay as a distraction from more distressing uncertainties. However, the Something Awful Forum Goons must move on to other Photoshop endeavors, so this week's installment marks the theme's triumphant conclusion. Don't forget to check out Part One if you haven't already!

Raise your sword up high! See the white dogs fight! Let them hear your rage, Angryhead. Show no fear. Attack!

Ryaomon's dog has attitude. He's edgy, he's in your face! This is a dog that gets biz-zay, consistently and thoroughly.

Jayson Aych delves into the mind of Sergeant Murphy, a cocker spaniel motorcycle cop forever haunted by that day.

Jarf urges you to stockpile rose essence and custard pies. You'll thank him when the abominable snowmen attack.

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