"Do rats have spines?"

The Cavig

This happened to my friend Tony. He was taking an introduction to photography course (since then he's gone on to be a wonderful photographer) and the teacher was talking about how colors are used in photography and how different colors evoke different feelings...

Teacher: "So what sort of feelings do you have when you think of the color blue?"

Girl: (raises her hand) "The sky!"

Teacher: "Ok, yes, the sky is blue, but what kind of feel does the color blue have?"

Girl: "The ocean!"

Stoat Box

Another kid from my year at school swears this was true, and I want to believe him so badly...

Something about Hiroshima:

"Who's Hiro Shima? Is he a boy?"

"...Yes...He is...."

"Is he cute?"

Said with a totally straight face. She's not stupid but she's incredibly ditzy so I wouldn't put it past her.


In my 11th grade English class there was one particularly dumb girl who said

"How many eyes does a cyclops have?"

Those whole class including the teacher laughed at her for 5 minutes straight.


"There were gay people back then?!"

We were discussing World War II.

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