In a 200-level maths class at university:

"I don't 'get' pie charts."


"Umm...So wait, are we like, in A.D. right now?"


"Interesting thing in the paper; Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84."

"Who's that?"

"The guy who wrote I, Robot. Duh."

"Ooh. That's too bad."


The class is discussing a school-sponsored trip from Philadelphia to London.

Voice from the third row: "Are we going by bus?"


"Where does rain come from?"

She asked this in a history class. In 11th grade.


My science teacher told me this one:

"Is this a male or female skeleton?"


"Right. How did you know?" (expecting the 'wide hips' explanation)

"Because there's no penis bone!"


While doing a lab in 8th grade someone read "Genital Desserts" instead of "Gelatin Desserts".

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