Hey all, welcome to this week's Comedy Goldmine. This time around, bLoody_jok3r and the forums have MSPainted some of their more unusual and amusing fears. Feel free to laugh all you want, but you know you wince a little bit when you open the refrigerator door because that light can blow at any time and render you blind. Or something like that.

bLoody_jok3r gets us started.

Don't open bLoody_jok3r's door when he's talking a shower or he'll scream like a little girl!

I bet your friend was the happiest guy in the world the day Code Red was launched, bLoody_jok3r.

Maybe it's time for contacts, Armourking.

Better than than mono, Bad Sneakers.

I guess my irrational fear is that girls actually do those things at all, Blender Rabbit.

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