Totally Negro:

Gums, soft and so pink
The semen flows with much force
Dentures are soiled

Fought at Omaha
Remember the explosions?

koren helmut:

Your paper-y skin
Rubs my love rod raw ... but wait ...
Are you still breathing?

How did I get here?
Why is cum in my Depends?
Who're you? Where am I?


Morning buttermilk
Rocking chairs and oral sex
Spooge is saltier


Are you glad to see me?
Or is the suppository
making you so wet?

Say no more, lover!
I see your enema bag...
Your sex needs are clear!

You blush, embarassed
Adult diaper bulges thick
This granny gots BACK!


leathery slapping
octogenarian love
makes me cum too quick

What is tu name?:

Wake up so early
Now some slow, old people sex
OCB at 4

sex used to be fun
now I’m not so sure, Ginger
it’s like fucking prunes

forty years ago
my boner was enormous
now it’s like a sponge


Creaking Craftmatic
Awash in leathery flesh
Smack your fragile head

Pass the 'tuss sweet dear
Suck on your wrinkled flesh tubes
Gramps will never know...

Unfurl your O'Keefe
Peel back the musty curtains
Oh, no. Centipedes!

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