Blurry Gray Thing

I think that rug promotes bullying because that dragon is obviously picking on those two snakes and they don't look very happy about it at all.

I don't think it's okay to bully someone just because you're bigger and have four more arms than them and are also part chariot.


OH! To walk on dragons, like the men and women of old.

Oral Slither

that should be hanging on the wall. You don't want crumbs and foot dirt and cat puke to spoil its gloriousness.

Jack MacAskill

Yeah, and maybe he could cover it in a plastic tarp too, grandmama.


Did you make the rug, OP, or do you just have a really cool friend who decided to make you a rug?


From what I know the rug was made in the early '80s or late '70s, possibly by a master rug maker on top of a mountain.


I would totally drag and scoot my ass across this rug.

Gravy Jones

I'm going to kill your rug and mount it on the side of my van.


I want that rug as a tattoo.

The first rug-too.

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