It's skeleton season and that means it's time for the second (and almost certainly last) annual FYAD skeleton debate! This time Paraone ponders the most essential skeleton question of all. You can ask him about skeletons and even ants on Twitter, though he basically just uses his account to harass Bob Vila. William "ryorininseven" Cook illustrated some of the scenarios!


what are skeletons


the crunchy part of the human


its the structure that had meat attached to it that supports your ghost until it gives out and sets your ghost free


skeletons is rocks with food outside

Dr. Spiderman

skeletons come from the hard parts of a dead body and ghosts come from the soft parts


sometimes skeletons have to wear robes and hoods, because it's cold in the graveyard


skeletons are powerful foes but can also be powerful allies if you befriend them


can i defeat a skeleton with such things as an axe

Top Bunk Wanker

an axe can provide the necessary blunt force to defeat a skeleton. do NOT rely on purely bladed or piercing weapons such as swords or spears though


skeltons have mastery in all sorts of medieval weaponry including maces, spears, great axes, bows, and sorcery.

sausage paddy

i bet a skeleton could throw a mans arm a thousand miles.

sausage paddy

when fighting their own kind, skeletons utilize attacks of the Dog-element

Top Bunk Wanker

dogs themselves are surprisingly bad weapons against skeletons, because the amount of bones confuses them and they often attack non-vital bones first which gives the skeleton many counterattack opportunities


skeletons are fragile. they don thave pain but they get pissed if u break them,. good way to make a skeleton angry if you want.


Skeletons love staying intact and fairly fucking hate being scattered


skeletonss hate future skeletons (people) and want to scare them


if they scare them bad enough then the person dies and converts into another skeleton


there are more skeletons on earth than there are people

grumple wumpkins

People are just placeholders for skeletons

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