got dat wmd


doesn't discuss health risks to the animal. so homo sapiens-centric

The Harvard Comma

literally just a list of math jokes that some wikipedians thought were funny with super terse explanations of each for the neurotypicals

i just wish i could copy everything on that page and paste it here

axolotl farmer;_fruit_flies_like_a_banana

Orange Juilius


"The red bandana in the right pocket of the man on the left indicates he seeks to be fisted; the man on the right uses a white bandanna to show he seeks mutual masturbation."

Hammerite: Must suck to get a guy home and find out he thinks his fuchsia hanky is magenta.

Baby (Dragon Ball)

Is this character canon? Is Dragon Ball GT canon? Who decides what is and is not canon, anyway, and is it fact or opinion to say so? An eight-hour duel between two editors culminates in nearly one hundred assorted reverts, arguments posted in edit summaries, and both parties blocked for ignoring 3RR, which brings to mind the 30+-episode battles the series is famous for (with 5+ episodes being used to launch a single attack.)

tl;dr two nerds slap fight for eight hours over dragon ball gt

Roguestar: gonna buck the trend and post the best page



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