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axolotl farmer

o Who: Sadie
o Source: GUN
o Note: She slaps Reed and runs but Reed kills her by throwing an ax, hitting her in the back of the head through her umbrella.

* The only help you're getting from me is... an ass... kicking... fag...
o Who: Brett Taggerty
o Source: Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire
o Notes: Just before this, Celesto Morgan had asked the character for help with "an experiment". Morgan then floods the character's body with chaos, causing him to melt on the spot.

Aleksei Vasiliev

that's my fav redirect

"David Graeber attempts to synthesize the insights of Karl Marx and Marcel Mauss. He sees value as a model for human "meaning-making". Starting with Marxist definitions of consumption and production, he introduces Mauss's idea of "objects that are not consumed" and constructs a list of things that are neither consumption nor production. Graeber's list includes those human activities that are not consumption, in the narrow sense of simply purchasing something, and are not production, in the sense of creating or modifying something intended for sale or exchange. It includes:

* cooking a meal
* extinguishing a fire
* dressing and undressing
* applying makeup
* watching television
* playing in a band
* falling in love
* reading
* listening to music
* going to a museum or gallery
* taking a photograph
* gardening
* writing
* conducting a coming of age ceremony
* going window shopping
* exercising
* acting
* turning around in a circle
* teaching
* having an argument
* playing games
* having sex
* attending a religious service
* looking at old photos"

"turning around in a circle"

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