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Zack is busy getting his stomach pumped again (he ate another ant colony), so I'm filling in for the coveted Monday spot. I apologize to all those people foolish enough to read one of my updates. You have been duped like a common rube.

I really love doing these fur trapper updates, and I love the ones David and Zack have done with their respective characters. Zack especially put us all to shame with his inaugural A. P. Brown update. There will be many more, but spread out over time so as not to drive people nuts and give Lowtax a hernia. The last thing that guy needs is to be running a website dedicated to fur trapper fan fiction.

For those who are confused, here's a listing of all previous chapters of this odd saga, in order of creation.

Mike Gravel is Fantastically Insane

Let's elect this guy president and see what kind of crazy tomfoolery happens.


In response to "Dark Side of the Bith."

(I'm not sure how much you were joking so sorry if this insults your intelligence, no offense meant :D )

Actually John Williams wrote "Cantina Band" and it is based on Benny Goodman's famous "Sing Sing Sing" (Chips Ahoy! commercials anyone?) which is an incredibly good song.

Just thought I'd point that out and feel more cultured (nerdy?) than someone.

(All in good fun)
Next thing you know they'll tell me Star Wars is a movie.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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