This Update

Save for some basic exaggerations that I hope made my update go from "unfunny" to "unfunny with some exaggerations," everything I wrote here was true. I did, in fact, eat each of these dishes twice in the last 72 hours, and I have eaten all of them before at some point or another prior to that. For the mathematically disadvantaged, that means that I have eaten each of these things at least three times now. I don't know if I should thank SA Forums user "unitseven" for giving me the idea, or if I should track him down and force him to watch Hunting Humans about fifty times. Speaking of...

Movie Reviews

In my last review I took a critical look at "How to Make a Monster," which was pretty goddamn bad. Well, folks, after watching my next round of review fodder, "Urban Menace," I can honestly say I wish I got to watch "How to Make a Monster" every week. I'll have a review a week from next Wednesday, assuming the DVD doesn't go sentinent and attempt to kill me in my sleep.

Thanks Again

Per usual I'd like to end this gripping Daily Dirt with a sincere thanks to all the people who take time to write in. I enjoy feedback almost as much as fellow staffer Tekky "Jumpman16" Andrew-Jaja enjoys those pens that spell your name out for you as long as you just hold a button in. Keep writing in and I'll keep trying to respond.

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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