Steve: Are you going to sleep in shifts or keep watch?

Zack: Kurt will try to stay awake watching Headbanger's Ball.

Steve: While Kurt is watching MTV, Left Eye is sleeping quietly. In her dream she sees a man with a body composed of green flame. Everything he touches is incinerated, but it's not terrifying, it's beautiful. Like flowers growing everywhere.

Zack: That sounds about right for a dream she would have.

Steve: She hears a voice calling to her, "Lisa, you are chosen. Lisa, you must kill your friends. Lisa, you must set me free."

Zack: Again, plausible Lisa Lopes dream sequence, is a shirtless Tyrese there?

Steve: Yes, along with hundreds of other people, all writhing in green fire that is swallowing up the world. The nations are united in peace and fire.

Zack: Tolstoy, or whatever his name was, is taking this end of the cold war thing a little bit too far.

Steve: Make a sanity roll for Lisa.

Zack: Oh no! Failed.

Steve: She loses 6 sanity and suffers from pyromania for the next month.

Zack: You mean extra pyromania? Enhanced pyromania?

Steve: She will also be weakened against magic from Tulzcha.

Zack: Fortunately, Kurt is our group's warlock. And he is going to make Timothy Shadow pay for what he is doing.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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