Zack: There is a bustle of activity around the loading area. It's going to be hard to get Station inside unnoticed.

Steve: Is there a tarp in the back.

Zack: Why would there be a tarp in a catering truck?

Steve: I don't know, for like a big cake and they want to reveal it.

Zack: I have never seen a tarp over a cake.

Zack: But okay, I like this. Yes, there is a tarp big enough to cover Station. You'll have to cut eye holes in it or he'll constantly bump into stuff.

Steve: Get that tarp on him and start walking him into the debate.

Zack: There is a commotion out by the perimeter as the security is starting to react to the dead police. For now at least it just seems to be drawing Secret Service guys away from this area.

Steve: Perfect. Hustling Station inside.

Zack: You bump into a PA with a headset and a clipboard. "Hold on, where are you going with that? What is that?"

Steve: Cake.

Zack: There's no cake planned.

Steve: Left Eye steps up. "I'm supposed to sing the national anthem."

Zack: He looks down at his clipboard. "You're Janet Jackson?"

Steve: "Yes."

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