Zack: "I don't think he's into our routine, Terry! I told you we shouldn't lead with jazz hands!"

Steve: Hang on, these cyborgs are wearing pants. Are they canon?

Zack: Pants are a choice we make, Steve. Like the masks we put on every day as we go out into the world. Some cyborgs are ready to demo the merchandise and some aren't.

Steve: Wait so the cyborgs have masks like faces they can wear?

Zack: I meant metaphorically.

Steve: Yeah, like how we're really all cyborgs when you think about it. Just our machines are meat instead of metal and our sunglasses don't give us targeting info.

Zack: No, but our phones give us Yelp reviews of Wendy's if we hold up our phone and point the camera at the front of the restaurant.

Steve: Heck yeah there's a 99.9% chance I'm going to get a large chili and slam fries in my Frosty.

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