Steve: Meat Elf.

Zack: I think I saw this guy as a 3D hologram in the middle of a pyramid of eyes on a Tool album cover.

Steve: Hello gentlefolk, I am Meat Elf.

Steve: Ich bin Meat Elf. Don't mind the puke.

Zack: No lips, sorry about that.

Steve: Haaaauuggghhh. Just meated in from under dark and boy are my meats tired.

Zack: First they whipped my skin off, then they took my alignment. Now I'm taking...revenge.

Steve: Revenge is a dish best served meat.

Zack: "Where are they, Kowalski!? Where are the Kiaransalee brothers!?"

Steve: "It's still me. I'm still the same elf I was on the inside, but now my inside is outside."

Zack: Horfk! *wipes mouth* "There's more where that came from."

Steve: This is pretty much the plot of Machete I think, only that withered Mexican dude had skin.

Zack: That's debatable.

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