Zack: I want to do an experiment on this one. Before anybody scrolls down to look at the picture of this monster I want you to read the description text and try to picture the monster in your mind's eye.

Steve: No problem at all dude, I'm like an expert on visualizing monsters.

Steve: Yep. That's what I pictured.

Zack: This thing is what happens when you hit the bottom of the barrel. You end up coming up with ten different variations of an ooze (which this book has) like you're the first people to think of a slime monster and then to fill things out you add a demon that's just a collection of random parts and is super powerful.

Steve: I think it's awesome and the more parts the better. A fish with horns? It's more possible than you ever dreamed. Ever hear of a narwhal?

Zack: Are those one of the creatures that the Japanese are whipping and stabbing in The Cove?

Steve: I haven't seen that, but since they're a sea creature I'll just go ahead and say yes. Narwhals have horns and they're fish.

Zack: Technically mammals.

Steve: This thing is a demon.

Zack: Technically tanar'ri.

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