Zack: His cigarettes are awesome.

Steve: That's American Spirit, and no cigarettes are awesome.

Zack: Electric cigarettes. Vaping is the new way. I don't go anywhere without my chocolate flavored tech smokes.

Steve: "American Eagle's sight, smell, hearing, and taste have all been raised to Amazing level."

Steve: Does that mean he has no sense of touch?

Zack: You know what they say: he who smelt it also heard it, tasted it, and saw it.

Steve: But he never felt it.

Zack: In the role-playing notes it claims American Eagle has "a deep respect for his people's traditions."

Zack: "We Navaho are a noble people." *dons red, white, and blue Indian suit/bondage gear."

Steve: Just once it would be nice to see a super hero in some dockers. Maybe a pair of jeans or chinos. Enough with the tights.

Zack: Sounds to me like you don't respect the Navaho people's heritage of clinging Spandex and exposed mule-knuckles.

Steve: They call it a maize-knuckle.

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