Zack: "Uh, yeah, I'll take two family-sized buckets of blue fish-lady. Hold the trident, extra haughty."

Steve: "I only want a half order of purple pants."

Zack: "The menu says it comes with a ridiculously huge crown. Could I supersize that?"

Steve: When she got dressed in her mer-broad room this morning she actually looked in the mirror and said, "Today I feel like purple one-piece, knife straps, and my giant bucket boots."

Zack: Hey, guys, she's single and she has a submarine.

Steve: It says her submarine can duplicate credit cards. That seems awfully suspicious.

Zack: You might even say "fishy."

Steve: Her identity is unknown to the general public. Like pretty much all identities.

Zack: No identity is safe from her counterfeiting submarine. Dive to 300 meters! Start pumping out Mastercards for the LifeLock guy!

Steve: "This had better work at the Navaho casino."

Zack: They hand you really respectful foam tomahawk buckets to catch your coins as they fall out of the Chief Pays-Out-To-Coyotes' Heap Wampum slots.

Steve: Or if you want you can just use your giant bucket boots.

Zack: White man win jackpot so big he put house on trail of tears.

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