Steve: Dang, get a look at that rack.

Zack: Now we know what Joan Holloway looks like with a beard and wizard sleeves.

Steve: It says he's an illegal alien on earth. Do you think we can still make Arizona jokes?

Zack: How many is Leno up to?

Steve: 450-500.

Zack: I guess the only way we can be sure is to give it a shot.

Steve: Well, I saw this one Arizona dude on TV who said he could spot illegal aliens by the way they dress. I had no idea he meant dress like an extra from Xanadu.

Zack: Really? You were worried about clubbing the dead horse with Arizona jokes and then you've got Sam Neil and a bunch of college kids roping off an excavation of Xanadu for a one-liner about wizard costumes?

Steve: It doesn't sound like you really want an answer.

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