Steve: I'm feeling pretty conflicted right now.

Zack: I wonder how she got that smallest ring around her waist. You think she got stuck in it when she was a baby and it just grew on her like that? Like that weird turtle that grew around the plastic ring.

Steve: On the one hand I know she's a prancing comic character dressed like an idiot, but on the other hand I sort of want to take all her pink handkerchiefs off with my teeth.

Zack: I completely understand. I spent about six months trying to figure out a way to marry that Eric Prydz aerobics video.

Zack: Turns out a mountain judge living in a cabin in Kentucky will marry you to just about anything except another dude.

Steve: You think I could marry this drawing?

Zack: Sure! And she's already got plenty of rings. Just take your pick.

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