Zack: This was the most requested monster in the book. A guy named Todd T. emailed us first, writing, "The Tarrasque! It's what the party can fight after they've killed their way through Deities & Demigods."

Steve: It's pretty famous in D&D circles as the one monster that is almost impossible to kill.

Zack: D&D circles, huh? I bet you don't have to wait in any rope lines to get into the clubs.

Steve: Not cool.

Zack: What I don't get about the Tarrasque is if it takes a wish to kill it, why don't you save yourself the trouble of fighting it and just wish it was transported to the center of the sun?

Steve: You could do that I guess, if you were a huge lame jerk.

Zack: What the hell!?

Steve: I'm just being honest, bro. Are you really going to spend months playing adventures and gaining experience and going up levels until you finally have the most powerful spell a wizard can possibly have...and then you're going to just wish away the single toughest monster in the game? Talk about anticlimax.

Zack: Well, it wouldn't kill it I guess, but it would be stuck where it won't hurt anybody.

Steve: Yeah, burning in agony forever in the heart of a sun. Disintegrating and regenerating over and over.

Zack: Yep, just like in that Muse song about space and eternity and anguish.

Steve: Real smart. The world is at peace. Everything is dandy. Until a certain demi-lich learns of the Tarrasque trapped in the sun. He needs a new monster to protect his treasure in his Tomb of Horrors.

Zack: Acererak! That scoundrel!
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