Steve: It's impossible for this guy to put on a poncho.

Zack: Great design! It combines all the uselessness of multiple up-angled cannons with the futility of several rocket pods in bizarre locations.

Steve: Who doesn't want missile launchers on their knees and hips?

Zack: I think it's supposed to have a face or something, but it just looks like a couple of castanets caught mid-click.

Steve: If you need a robot to quickly take off a bracelet or ruin a pair of hotpants then this is your guy.

Zack: I suddenly have a compelling need to start the reactor and free mars.

Steve: C3P0 has been hanging out in the wrong hex of the Battletech map.

Zack: Buzz saws, a tiny head-cannon, and little T-rex arms holding a carbine are really not making the list of armaments I want to stick on a huge badass robot.

Steve: Badass or not, I bet this thing knows how to please a lady with all those attachments and extra arms.

Zack: Yes, because if ladies love one thing, it's definitely vestigial limbs dangling from your chest.

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