The Gun Show, Part 2

Zack: It's baby's first FPS mod gun. I can almost see it untextured and rotating in a video posted on a forgotten website. CyberSquad Tactics, a modification for Unreal 3.

Steve: I think this gun is identical to one in Battlefield 2142, but that game was pretty bad so maybe not.

Zack: Trust me, Battlefield 2142 was one samurai dragon ninja away from being Rifts. I've played spreadsheets more fun than it.

Steve: Keith had a spreadsheet for making Traveller characters on his old laptop, but like Traveller it was more like work than a game.

Zack: Rifts dares to take the ridiculous underwater speargun fight to the next level!

Steve: I'm not a science expert or anything, but wouldn't a laser gun be a horrible weapon underwater?

Zack: It might be okay as long as you aren't kicking up mud or anything by, say, walking along the bottom or thrashing around fighting a robot shark with your vibrating knife.

Steve: What's the point of the shoulder stock? There are no sights or anything so you can't really aim.

Zack: To help with the laser recoil from all the light violently shooting out. And your vibrating spear.

Steve: I can almost picture that C3P0 robot's tiny little baby robot arms holding one of these.

Zack: Sensual battle droid is going to aim his vibrating spear at your M.O.M.

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