"Not Even Trying"

Zack: This is professional art from a book that was printed and sold for actual money.

Steve: Below a certain quality level it seems like maybe just don't put a picture there and that would be better. Or just a box with the text, "Sorry, we paid a guy to do a picture but it was real bad so just imagine an incredible space event."

Zack: He didn't even shade space in properly. It's aggressive laziness. It's wanton.

Steve: It's even sadder if you think that maybe this is the best picture this dude has ever drawn. Like maybe he told them he was an artist and they believed him and gave him some money and after weeks of slaving away he comes back with this.

Zack: And so they decided it was better to piss off everyone who bought the book just so they don't hurt the feelings of one terrible, miserable, violently bad artist.

Steve: Yeah, or maybe his mom wrote the book.

Zack: That seems possible also.

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