"Mom Jeans 3000 AD"

Zack: This is probably the most realistic picture of the future in any Traveller book.

Steve: Computers telling fat moms they're broke.

Zack: The computers are going to eventually tell everyone they're broke. Then we'll be their slaves.

Steve: I'd be okay with that. Computers would probably make pretty good slavemasters.

Zack: Only for as long as you're useful to them. Once you break a leg they start running the actuarial calculations. Before you know it you're on the death heap at the bottom of the death pit.

Steve: But I bet you that water pail is always handy when you're thirsty.

Zack: The computer would make you drink your pee a couple times until your kidneys can't process it anymore. Only then will you get more water.

Steve: Dang, computer is a beast. I'm going to escape.

Zack: Escape to where? All of mankind is enslaved by the computers. If you do escape you'll only find more computers.

Steve: I can turn into a computer!

Zack: Does this involve escaping from a cartoon by pounding on walls and willing yourself into a computer?

Steve: Maybe...

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