Zack: Well, now, the Sabbat Boys had gone rabbit in the General Lee, headin' for the county line with Prince of Hazzard County Hogg's stolen recipe for Miss Ida's barbecue sauce. All they had to do was get over that old bridge at Camarilla Holler and they'd be free and clear to the Enoch Barbecue Festival. When we left 'em the boys had just realized the bridge was out and Chief Justiciar Roscoe P. Coltrane was in hot pursuit.

Steve: How is this bad art? This is like Leonard DaVinci art if he did pictures about evil monks praying to god to ward the darkness away from the globe with his lightbulb hand.

Zack: I believe this was the subject of an ARG by Nine Inch Nails.

Steve: Like that Skinnyman thing? Man that is so scary. It's like a guy, who is in the background, and he's skinny. And in a suit. What next?

Zack: We're all living in an ARG just waiting to go viral.


Zack: Yes.

Steve: I give up on ever sleeping again.

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