No child picks this costume. They can only be subjected to it.

Dr. Thorpenstein: It's lame enough to choose to be KISS for Halloween, but you truly have to be someone's shitty little brother if you get stuck being the drummer.

Dr. Thorpenstein: It's like when kids played Thundercats and they made the shittiest kid be Orko or whatever that thing was called.

Zackula: Snarf.

Zackula: I feel like you just caught me in a trap by making me say that.

Dr. Thorpenstein: I can't pretend to be any better, we both make our living by remembering pop culture references that everyone should have forgotten by now. We're like poor versions of the guys who write Family Guy.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Think about this for a second: if we were funnier, we could probably get jobs writing for Family Guy. I'll give you a few minutes to let that sink in, then a few more minutes to look up how to tie a noose.

Zackula: Dave, if we were funnier we would have invented and we'd be getting our dick sucked by lolcat money right now.

Dr. Thorpenstein: If only we had a tiny bit more talent, we could both be giving keynote speeches at this year's ROFLCON alongside Moot and the guy who does that comic about computers.

Zackula: Where's OUR Tucker Max movie?

Dr. Thorpenstein: If we were a little bit better looking, we could be talking heads on some VH1 show about what happened in 1989.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Well, OK, a lot better looking. If you stood either of us next to Brian Posehn, it would be instantly obvious which one belonged on TV.

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