Dr. Thorpe:You'd look mildly disgusted too if you were the dude who ended up having to wear the turquoise one.

Zack:This is the Matrix circa 1973. Instead of wire-fu and bullet dodging you would have a 40 minute car chase and a big fist fight in a warehouse.

Dr. Thorpe:They're all looking for Neo, but they can spot him a mile away in his lime green leisure suit and sable coat.

Zack:Oh yeah, god, I forgot how all of the Matrix protagonists were dressed in the Wachowski brother's concept of haute couture. The horror of that happening in 1973 would have left scars on an entire civilization. Come to think of it, maybe it did happen and it was called Logan's Run.

Dr. Thorpe:There you go. And just like you said, we're still recovering from that one.

Zack:The two guys on the left in this picture work for the #1 rated realtor in the Branson, MO area. The two on the right work for the #1 rated black market organ retail outlet in Hyderabad, India.

Dr. Thorpe:And yet they all share the same sense of style. Why? Because they're all horrible creeps. You know, of all the things I might call these suits, "cool" would be last on the list.

Zack:Actually, maybe cool is right. I could see these guys trying to sell me an air conditioner. "This bad boy kicks out 500 BTUs."

Dr. Thorpe:These guys could be used as a color wheel for "shades of grandma's couch."

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