Jenova Project posted:

You aren't a 'real Negro' (or fine, a real URBAN person) if you don't like this shit. Not liking it is being white and selling out. Or something. That's what I can tell, at any rate, being the Great White Satan. I know there's the list of 'good, deep' rappers that always comes up including Mos Def who I've never heard of before, but I think they're the minority. Obviously. Which is a shame. But like I said, I'm white. NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF ME.

Or, have they found a music so bad we (most of us, anyway) won't "steal" it? No one in their right mind takes metal seriously (even though it's AWESOME), because satanic alien barbarians who raped apes to create the human race and created music by stretching dinosaur guts over the grand canyon and plucking them in sorrow after thrashing about killing said dinosaurs in their post coital sleep are obviously made up, while gangstas are real. But as far as I can tell, it's all just crowd following.
fez2 posted:
This is just a my own personal opinion, but I think non-Asians are much more likely to subscribe to anti-intellectualism. Asian culture esteems learning much more, so it's sort of natural that nerds feel closer to it.

In my schools growing up, the only kids who really got really good marks were ostracized nerds and Asians. Nerdy girls have far less trouble finding a boy, partly because they are the miniority and partly because regular guys don't have a problem with nerdom so much. Nerdy guys aren't so lucky and Asian is pretty much the closest thing to nerd.

It's a lot harder to find an intelligent white person than an intelligent Asian.
lazymoose posted:
Basically, this is my problem, and please hear me out: I need someone to convince me that black people aren't inherently violent for some reason I can't even understand.
Richard posted:
A smelly black person? That's a little hard to believe.
MyDogYoshi posted:
A smelly black person around the USF area!? I'm just shocked!

Well, no I'm not because the area surrounding USF to the south and the west is some of the worst areas here in town. Part of it is known as 'Suitcase City' because of all the migrants constantly moving in and out amongst the low income project housing that a lot of blacks live in. The area is also right nearby Busch Gardens/Adventure Island and a dilapidated mall.

I had to house-sit a few weeks back in that area and I was scared to death to walk outside at night (not fear of getting raped but getting mugged or shot).
TylerC posted:
First off lets not be racist around here. Every culture and color is stupid and ignorant in some manner. I am going to answer any questions you may have regarding black people and their culture in America. Now keep in mind I can only speak from my experience and things may be different else where.

Let me tell you of my credentials.

-I have lived in Memphis my entire life, which is majority black and home of Orange Mound, the first African-American neighborhood in the United States to be built by African-Americans.
-I went to a all black high-school, and was the only white person in my graduating class of 300. And one of 3 in the entire school of 1000+ students
-And I work in a mostly black retail job.

To start off here are a few topics I can discuss with you:

-Urban culture in general
and many more subjects matters.

So if your curious axe away!
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