Warchicken posted:

I feel safe except for when I'm walking down the sidewalk and a semi-mob of black people in long white t-shirts with their hands in their back pockets looking at me with their chin up and eyes half closed walks by, then makes angry noises when I purposefully avoid them. Which is to say, every time I go from one class to another.
Flynn Taggart posted:
So, I recently graduated college, and still live with my mom. She was dating this large native american for a while. She just told me that the local police AND THE F.B.I. called her today telling her that he was the suspected killer in a few local murder cases. And apparently he's called about ten times tonight and she hasn't answered. So, he might be coming over here. And, I might have to kill him. I might have to take the life of another human being.

I hate that this is happening right now. I'm just starting a new religion and this is one of the toughest problems to deal with off the bat. I'm certain that if he tries to break in at all that I'm going to at least attempt to off him, but I really don't want to.

I don't know what I'm asking for in this thread. I've talked to all my best friends and I guess I just need to talk to SA. This sucks worse than anything else I've ever had to deal with. I'll keep you updated assuming I don't get banned.
slick69 posted:
We all know that feminism is about female supremacy, which is why feminists fight so hard to get female murderers, pedophiles and rapists acquitted while suing responsible fatherhood programs into oblivion (such as the NOW case right now).

You know, I will always wonder why the "We're for ekwaliteeee!" feminists didn't come out when a judge in California interpreted a law that had "his" in it, to mean that a female couldn't even commit that offence (indecent exposure - she was exposing herself to a 14 year old boy.)

Oh, I know. Its because feminists aren't really about equality at all
slick69 posted:
Great. You're posting ad hominems. Pretty sad that you are reduced to flailing about after just one reply. Pity. And do get rid of that Rush Limbaugh canard, I've seen you use that in pretty much every thread where someone confronts you about feminism's lies and deceit, and its old. I've never listened to Rush, and even if I did, I wouldn't let your shaming language get to me.

Gender-neutral laws? Are you fucking kidding me? Men face more bias today all because of feminism's disgusting influence on laws. VAWA mean anything to you? How many men do you know that are on welfare? Actually, scratch that. Asking any question of a feminist is guaranteed to get lies in return, you'll probably start on about 1 in 4 or something.
Sahasrara posted:
I was in a women's dorm today, visiting a friend of mine. I saw a calendar on the wall as I walked to her room, and I wanted to start punching everyone on that floor. This calendar had a picture of a half-naked man, and said something to the effect of, "Men are like Chinese food - half an hour later, you want something new." Besides messing up the "witty aphorism" (half an hour later, you're hungry again), I'm pissed off at how unabashedly sexist this calendar is. Apparently, according to my friend, one of the other pages says something like "Men are like plants - they're not intelligent, but you talk to them anyway."
Women's college, based on values to responsibility and leadership. Women's Studies is a *requirement* for graduating. I asked my friend, "May I borrow a piece of printer paper, a sharpie, and some tape?" She handed them to me, so I borrowed her desk and wrote:
"This is SEXIST BULLSHIT. If someone said something like this about a woman, there would be a RIOT."
With Mission Impossible stealth, I walked back out into the hall and taped the paper over the half-naked man. My friend and I went out to CVS to get something she needed. By the time we came back - it had been maybe an hour after I stuck the paper up - the paper had been RIPPED DOWN, stuck to the RA's door, and had "GET OVER YOURSELF" written on it. I'm keeping it for posterity.

When did this society turn on its head?! Yeah, women used to be oppressed - still are in some areas - but sweet Jesu Christos. Misogyny isn't okay, and neither is misandry. You would think of all the places that would be vehemently opposed to sexist thinking, it would be a WOMEN'S COLLEGE that has prided itself, openly, since its founding, about trying to end sexism. Apparently, it's only so they can call men a bunch of testicle-scrtaching brainless neanderthals. Nice. Apparently, as long as we're making fun of white men, being dehumanizing and offensive is awesome. Way to go, Girl's School!

Am I overreacting? Am I being a good crusader against sexist thought? Should I not have done what I did? Should I do something more? Should I be more offended that they think I should "get over myself" because I think misandry is just as wrong as misogyny?
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