Tango Sierra posted:

Ms. A is quite the tease, isn't she?

She knows dumb jock B wants to get into her pants. Then at the end of the night, she lets him sleep over in her house?

More tease.

No reason to take B to her home. All A needs to tell him at last call is, "Sorry dude, you better catch yourself a cab home if you can't drive."

The teasing cunty nature of Ms. A is conclusively proven by her making a pass at OP.

"Show me how gay guys kiss?"

C'mon what a crock of shit. She was obviously getting off on the whole situation.

She was hoping she could give OP a boner. Then if he turned out to be bi, and wanted to go further, Ms. A would have told OP, "But I thought you were gay. I didn't know you liked women."

Some women love it when men fight over them, and manipulate the situation for that to happen. The men who fight over such women are simply manipulated fools.

Including Jock B and OP.
von Mises posted:
If they have started adolescence most men would be attracted to at least a few 14-year-olds. Theres nothing wrong with the attraction, only acting on it, which would exploit the power difference for the advantage of the adult.
Biggs Serrano posted:
Personally myself I can't stand kids and shudder when I realize that I was one of them a long time ago. I however agree though that kids who can catch you off guard with a simple sentence is mind boggling.

Example: I was standing in line at Best Buy about ready to purchase Season 9 of SG-1 and this little boy with his mother (who was damn fine) were in front of me buying some little kid game for their PC.

Me being the suave individual I am started to talk and kind of flirt around with this kid's mom. I swear that this kid after I had made some comment about how good she looked said to me, "my daddy says guys like you only want to get into my mom's pants. What so interesting about the inside of my mommy's pants"

The look he gave me alongside the statement threw me for such a loop that I apologized on the spot and quickly paid for my season 9 box set so I could beat feet. The mother of course was mortified and was throwing angry glares at her child and at the clerk who was attempting to stifle a giggle.

Kids definitely say the most mind blowing things.
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