Appman posted:

This is really pissing me off. It seems as though porn stars had an understanding at the very least that their goal was to portray somewhat that they are enjoying what they're doing, and to convey that to the audience, and make them think, "now THIS is someone I'd die to feel from the inside."

Today? You get none of that. Everythings fake and (poorly)staged. Every smile is a fake smile because faking orgasms in an unconvincing, retarded way has become the cliche standard. And you just know that most of the girls you see are just there because they're desperate for a paycheck(they unintentionally show it), and this is your fucking downtime!

Maybe colleges should offer courses dedicated to learning how to pleasure a partner well, and our society wouldn't be so sexually deprived and depressing in general. People in college who take that course are consenting adults there there's no problem. PSOP students need no involvement to take care of that problem.

the last paragraph was half sarcasm.
hobolooter posted:
Me: I'm 5' 7", 120lbs, fairly intelligent, and secretely obsessed with a girl I've known all my life. I grew up in a small town in Maine and I've never been able to work well with the ladies. I make friends easy enough, but can never push it further.

Her: Smart (3.8GPA). beautiful, 5' 4" 120lbs, and currently taken. Her family treats me like family. I'm invited to gatherings, sleep over, etc. and I enjoy being with them more than my own family.

Situation: She had no idea I was in love with her. Everything about her. It would hurt in high school to see her with other guys, and me as the guy she told everything to. I would boil it all up in high school, get jealous, leave parties, just randomly without notice walk outside by myself, and that's just the tip of the iceburg. In any case I was insecure and a mess. I didn't want anyone else. I found problems with everyone that wasn't her. Anything she ever wanted from me, she got.

Status: I told her tonight how I felt on AIM. It didn't go as badly as I thought. I feel depressed as shit now. I was shut down.

10:23:59 PM friend: its not that you have/had no chance.
10:24:17 PM friend: I like you for who you are and all that but i dont want to fuck things up with you

I mean we are still friends. GREAT! Who fucking cares, the only person I would ever be happy with said no. I might find someone else, but this was the 'one'.

Well guys I had a good run (3 years) of not saying a word or even hinting. It's done now, and it leaves me wondering how many other people have had this exact same situation happen to them.
Deacon Rasputin posted:
So many fucking times ...

Random Bar Girl: Hey, I was just looking down at the tattoo on your leg, its really cool did it hurt.
Deacon: Each sitting past hour 3 id start to grimace a little yeah, ha ha
Random Bar Girl: Wowwww thats really cool, whats it from?
Deacon: Its uhhh ... its a bunch of different images from my favorite comic I worked together into a scene.
Random Bar Girl: Comics Eh? g2gkthxbye

I still stand by, Hellboy Leg Sleve > Drunk Girls
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