There are many different forms and appearances of male characters, but the main ones should always be grotesquely muscular. They should have muscles that grow muscles on top of muscles and a neck thick enough to repel point blank shotgun blasts. Since I didn't want to risk running a search for "muscular men" on any Internet search engine, I decided to use a candid photo of myself to run through the Animizer. Please keep in mind that photos like this are the main reason why you don't see many pictures of me up on this site.

After forcing the Animizer to accept this photo without crashing, it producing the following Anime version of me:

Notice the Vertical Hair Syndrome (VHS), disproportionately tiny head, and distinct series of muscles. Although it's not shown in the picture, I also possess the ability to leap 40 feet straight up into the air, turn my head really quickly when I hear a strange noise, and hold up two fingers in the universal sign for "peace" after a particularly long battle (or photo op for magazine).

Anyway, enough with the Animizing, let's examine the characters which make up every Anime feature.

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