SwEeT DeAtH - cool, does your dad really work for nintendo?

Lowtax - yeah, nintendo Japan. hes from Japane, he does translation work for US in CAlifornia

Lowtax - he brings home all kinds of kewl shit like new Pokemon pics

SwEeT DeAtH - that is cool......do you play any other stuff?

Lowtax - he brought home new pokemon pictures of bonus guys in Pokemon Gold, theyre names are Mastacatio and Fornakaetor!!!! Theyre coooL! Have you beat Pokemon?

SwEeT DeAtH - play quake?

SwEeT DeAtH - nah i think pokemon is the stuppidest thing going, no offense

Lowtax - Mastacatio shots bricks from a tube, hes earth Pokemon and has a fork

Fornakaetor has water attack, he is some BAD ASS in the ocean and eats trees and gloves and shots bricks at you

My friend Jim Bagleaducia doesnt like Pokemon either

Lowtax - where do u live?

SwEeT DeAtH - us Washington

SwEeT DeAtH - were are you from?

Lowtax - okay!!! QWuake was by john Carmack right? my dad met him, they were trying to bput a versiaon of QUake 3 onto Gameboy


Lowtax - yeah, it wasnet like the real game though, it was a RPG like Funnel Fantasy you know

SwEeT DeAtH - huh

Lowtax - IT WAS, I saw it They didnt do it though becuase it was too hard to do and my dad said John carmack isnt as smart as he thinks he is

SwEeT DeAtH - oh ....hmmm

Lowtax - I dont know though, I played Quake 3 and thought it was kewl!!!

SwEeT DeAtH - really?!?!? what sort of music do you like?

Lowtax - my dad is a dork sometime

SwEeT DeAtH - yeh i know he is

Lowtax - i like Japanese dance music like "RUSH FEELING" and Mary Biteheel and Noise Circus Rodeo and that stuff, japanese techno music, its good what about u??/

SwEeT DeAtH - Jesus!!!!!

Lowtax - what???

SwEeT DeAtH - i like, Marilyn Manson, And dance music

Lowtax - why did you say JESUS???

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