Lowtax - Sorry, it's hard to explain this in novice terms for me, I've been haX0ring ever since I got my first Renaldo NR-2 Diametric System in 1982

PiKe - ok?

Lowtax - Alrighty, go into your computer properties and tell me what OS revision you're using, complete with the encoded serial number so I can get the right software to you

PiKe - ? os cearial code?

Lowtax - Yeah. First thing you gotta do is unplug your modem connection from your wall though, else it will give you false info. Unplug your modem cable from the wall really quickly, go into START - > SETTINGS -> CONTROL PANEL -> SYSTEM and look up the UIN MOFOS setting. You can only do it when the modem isn't connected, or else it will give you a false reading.

PiKe - im looking in system properties and i can't find "unimofos"

Lowtax - Did you unplug the modem connection from the wall? It won't show up unless you do that.

PiKe - where does it show up at in what section

Lowtax - Where I told you, in Control Panel. It shows up as an icon when you're not plugged in.

PiKe - ok? brb


PiKe - i did not see a unimofos

Lowtax - You must be running an older version of Windows 98. The newer, SSI / UIN AIM PAKCHOOIE version supports MoFos, the older one doesn't. Hmmm, this makes it more difficult to get you up and running since you don't have much experience hacking like I do

PiKe - ya the old one

PiKe - but why do i have to have my unimofos

Lowtax - It makes it alot easier to secure a SLIP/NOTCH connection to an unprotected client vortex / voxel module. What about YOUARES / TUPID? Do you have that installed? It should've come with a Win98 auto-download patch.

PiKe - i don't know this windows is a copy of the first v.

Lowtax - Oh, okay. Shit, somebody just pinged my winnuke, I gotta cycle accounts. ICQ me next time I'm available, ok?

PiKe - why oh come on find my on your next account


– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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