Drift City certainly made me change my mind about MMORPGs. I now know that behind the horrible graphics and game play, potential for something great can hide. Though it is very unlikely that anything great will ever come out of Drift City, it gave me a ton of material to make a video out of.

I really have nothing more to say about Drift City. Normally I would have something somewhat witty to place here before the rating but really how can I top that video? If you didn't watch the video you will forever sit in a corner, left in the dark, never experiencing possibly the greatest video to appear on Youtube.

Thanks to Hulkamatt, Slybo, Tipps, The_Rob, PenaltyMan, Law, Bleusilences, Speed Seducer, Mr. Noon, Kal, Null Set, ptlsaints, Fragrag, The B Man, Taumpy Tearrs, Lincolnstein, Heretic_Jones, deathz0r, Guze, Ponken, Amish Cellphone, Livestock, DocEvil, and SpaceWorm for their help!

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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