Moof and the Development of his Mooflight Game with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: i should have made my game in space
Moof: physics is easier in space livestock
Livestock: maybe you can make it in space??
Moof: NO
Livestock: well earth is in space
Moof: do you want to fight about this
Moof: because i am ready
Moof: i am ready to fight
Livestock: i am ready to fight back
Livestock: i have with me a collection of fighting words
Livestock: for example
Livestock: YOU WILL LOSE
Livestock: those are fighting words
Moof: oh man
Moof: i feel like i have lost already :(
Livestock: in outer space your flight model is easier
Moof: any flight model is easier SIMPLY because you do not have to worry about gravity nor drag
Moof: in space
Moof: there is no limit to speed
Moof: you can constantly accelerate
Livestock: faster than light even??
Moof: no :(
Moof: that is impossible okay
Livestock: but you just said
Moof: I LIED
Moof: okay livestock
Livestock: why would you do that
Moof: sometimes i have to tell little untruths
Moof: to protect you
Livestock: i can handle the truth, no matter how terrible it is
Moof: i do not know if that is true
Livestock: i know everything
Livestock: for example
Livestock: the temperature of milk
Moof: what is the temperature of milk
Livestock: it is a state secret
Livestock: but here is a little clue
Livestock: COLD
Moof: hmm
Moof: one hundred degrees
Livestock: okay the temperature of milk is -47 degrees
Moof: hmmm
Moof: fifty degrees
Moof: ????
Livestock: you have enough info to figure it out
Moof: hmmm
Moof: is the clue between the lines so to speak
Livestock: it is on the lines
Livestock: in them
Livestock: or over them depending on which line you are referring to
Moof: hmmm
Moof: i think i got it
Livestock: if you used the lines to form a box it would between them
Moof: is it one hundred degrees
Livestock: how did you know???
Moof: the timestamps
Moof: are all prime numbers
Livestock: oh goodness
Moof: you know what i always say livestock
Moof: horses for courses
Moof: that is the way it goes

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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