Whats so great about the Eiffel Tower?

"oh i dont know maybe.......*grindz down the entire side of the eiffel tower* ya keep the change kid lol" -- graey alien

That's Some Crunk Shit (Plugs for Thugs)

One of the Something Awful Forums' swellest moderators, Zoomzip, recently released a "crunk tribute to Radiohead" called "Skeet Spirit." If you enjoy crunk music and/or Radiohead, you should check it out and tell him how much you love him. It's a pretty entertaining endeavor all around, even if it does contain trace elements of the rap musics.

Livestock: yes
Zoomzip: can you do the mention in a the style of a conversation between you and moof
Livestock: well how does that work
Livestock: i mean do i just cut/paste this chat log
Zoomzip: i don't know man you are a sharp cracker YOU FIGURE IT OUT

The Age of Alligators with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: what is your ideal zoo scenario
Moof: no fences
Moof: more alligators than can be counted
Livestock: but without fences
Livestock: what will keep the alligators from running wild
Moof: nothing
Moof: they are allowed to run wild
Livestock: are you sure your ideal zoo is not just a front to let alligators run wild on innocent people
Moof: no i am not sure
Livestock: you are a criminal
Moof: by the laws of the country maybe but not by the laws of morality
Livestock: but we live in a moral country, are they not one in the same
Moof: they are not
Livestock: moof why do you want alligators to kill the good people
Moof: i do not
Livestock: but alligators by nature hate humankind
Livestock: a grudge that goes back eons
Livestock: and you wish for alligators to run loose
Moof: yes what of it
Livestock: amongst man
Moof: yes
Livestock: to do evil
Moof: man can defend himself
Livestock: but not woman or child
Livestock: and while i care not for child
Livestock: woman is soft
Livestock: and smells pretty
Moof: woman has man to protect her
Livestock: BUT YOU SAID
Livestock: more alligators than can be counted
Livestock: man will stand no chance against a supernumerary enemy
Moof: there is one man for every gator
Livestock: do you wish for an age of alligators
Moof: i wish for alligators to have the same opportunity that man has
Moof: to be free
Livestock: and what is to happen when those freedoms trample on ours
Moof: then there will be a war
Livestock: whose side will you be on
Moof: i think you know the answer to that
Livestock: i think i do

My Beepers is Going Off, Gotta Go

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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