You were feeling it after that one. The power was humming in your brain. You had to fire off some of those mental lightning bolts, a cerebral Zeus, and explode the minds of every pondering mortal.

Burrito! How did....I mean...holy crap! I'm in awe of you, Facebook friend. You knew the actual answer to this question. And, I wanted to thank you for sharing it with us. I feel like you are enriching my knowledge of the world. It was like the locks were opening on the vault of knowledge. I might have gone through life never knowing. And you could have just quit there. You've already given us so, so much. But you are tireless. Indomitable. You had more to give us.

17,845 people tried. But could they come up with "dog"? I don't know, I didn't look, and I'm sure you didn't either. You just knew the answer. Dog. An animal. That exists and you knew. WOW.

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